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Travel Planner

Don't forget your essentials while traveling. 

Use this checklist to make sure everything is in order so you can travel worry-free! 

10 Weeks Prior

Finalize Vacation
Buy Travel Insurance
Book flights/airport transfers
Confirm travel document requirements
Determine necessary vaccinations
Get details on vacation, dress code
Get information on baggage allowance


6 Weeks Prior

Complete pre-registration
Reserve specialty dining
Reserve shore excursions
Reserve spa appointments
Reserve onboard/land programs
Reserve onboard/loand childcare and activities
Arrange house & pet care
Arrange mail delivery

3 Weeks Prior

Make an appointment for personal care
Review all travel documents
Shop for travel necessities

1 Week Prior

Make copies of Passport
Check airline policy & order luggage tags
Buy extra media cards/batteries
Get Cash / Travelers Checks
Confirm house, pet, and childcare.
Leave trip information with family & friends
Arrange international cell phone service
Refill prescriptions

2 Days Prior

Review and confirm vaccination information
Review and confirm flight information
Check carry-on flight information
Check carry-on: 3.4 fl oz or less, 1 qt bag pp
Meet with housesitter and childcare provider
Contact credit card company

Day Prior

Drop off pet at pet care
Clear refrigerator of perishables
Take out trash
Return any borrowed items with fees
Pay last-minute bills
Set light timer
Inform family, friends, & neighbors
Finalize packing
Put on luggage tags

Travel Essentials

Airline tickets
Cruise/Land documents
Travel Insurance information
Vaccination Certification
Driver's License
Auto Insurance
Health Insurance
Copy of Medical Insurance
Travel Guide
Cameras & Accessories
iPod or mp2 Plater, Tablet, & accessories